The mission of the Canadian Council of Collision Repairers is to reflect the professional standards of the Canadian collision repair industry by providing advocacy, inspiration, knowledge and the tools needed for progressive shops to succeed. The goal is to channel passion and integrity into services, leadership, sustainability and efficiency.

The Canadian Council of Collision Repairers is committed to identifying and prioritizing business concerns and issues, education and information sharing. Its goal is to provide a positive, inclusive and nurturing platform to develop the best course of action to provide constructive solutions for issues concerning its members.

The mandate and mission is still a work in progress and always open for discussion. The list of members, nor the Advisory Board or any other boards or committees, will not be made public. This will remain so until such time the group decides differently.

Currently, only shop owners and managers are eligible for membership. This is a voice of the repairers. Not that insurers, manufacturers, suppliers, network head offices and other ancillary services are less important, but they already have platforms from which they are being serviced. Perhaps in the future there will be a seat at the table for them, but right now owner operators need to crystallize their vision in terms of a concrete mission, a clear message and a target audience.

CCCR’s aim is not victory, but progress and respect. As such this will not be a quick and short-lived jaunt, but long and enduring, and fulfilling journey. There is no sense in creating a lot of noise, for noise sakes. But the goal is to have a strong and stable foundation and from that build respect and trust among business partners and the consumer driving public.