Time Study Project and In-Person Meeting

March 17, 2023 — The recent survey of CCCR members provided excellent insight into how the group wants to be set up and the actions it would like to take moving forward. A synopsis of the actual results is provided below.



· It was strongly felt that the owner/managers of shops should be given the option whether to make their names public to the group or the general public.

· Having shops provide more information about their number of employees, size, output, and affiliations to networks / OEM would give a better indication of the strength and credibility of the group.

Outcome/Next Steps: The CCCR website (www.collisionrepaircouncil.ca) will add extra fields that registrants will need to complete to be able to get access behind the firewall and into “Groups” for discussion. There will be several private groups (chat rooms) that will be accessed by “invite only” to ensure confidentiality among group members.


Future Meetings

· It was decided there is a need for regular meetings with online being good for frequency. It is clear an in-person meeting would best crystallize the current and future goals.

· Piggybacking onto another event would be ideal as it would reduce or eliminate organizing and administration costs.

Outcome/Next Steps: The first in-person meeting of the CCCR will tentatively be held in conjunction with Collision Repair magazine’s summer EV REPAIR TOUR.


First Action Item: Time Study on Unpaid Administrative Tasks

· Based on the survey results the top three issues identified were unpaid administrative time, material costs, and repair versus replace.

· It was determined that the first project will focus efforts on administration costs and collect accurate data and compile all the unpaid steps involved in getting a vehicle mapped out for repair.

· Labour rate was not a specific question, but referred to by many as a priority. It was decided that the insurance companies are the least likely to discuss that at this point and the most productive strategy is to be paid for the tasks that are currently unpaid.

Outcome/Next Steps: The plan is to get group members to research and utilize any existing guides defining the duties and times needed to properly process the claim from start to finish. The next task is to develop a survey or worksheet to share with a group to fill out. Members will use the website “Time Study Info Sharing Group” to compile and store information. The results will then be prepared for public presentation.


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One thought on “Time Study Project and In-Person Meeting”

  1. Ken Craigie says:

    My thoughts on the Rate subject.
    – Bicycle repair rate
    – Lawncare service (small engine) repair rate
    Take either of the two Industry’s I have listed both have higher Door rate then Collision Industry.
    Structural repair Rate is NEEDED and it should top the chart higher them Aluminum rate & Mechanical rate by a mile. Regular light body work also needs a mas bump in rate but let me continue my point- Collision Guy requires more hours of school then a mechanic guy. The equipment & software to preform the skilled repairs is staggering and un matched across any other form of automobile repairs . Investment of time and $ keeping up with education to keep our status and eligibility to perform repairs to the manufactures standard every time and the responsibility and liability is held at the highest of risk and falls on the shops .The rate of pay to keep that individual under your roof is higher then shop owner is making. We are trusted every day with someone’s Investment i will say top four largest investments in a average house hold
    Buying home #1
    Education theirs and kids #2
    Cottage #3
    Automobile #4 ? just roll with me a min please
    your CCM Bike , Lawn tractor , Whipper snipper , Oil chance ,Tire rotation VS Sectioning a Civic , front rail replacement in Camry -Witch repair has higher door rate? Call up five friends ask them which of the three listed would have the highest door rate , CCM bike, Lawn equipment, Collision Repair. If you don’t hear Collision Repair topping the chart you have asked someone in the Collision Industry. This is Why we Must educate our Customer its up to us , every customer has ears , eyes , and most important a voice, they will see it once they hear it and they will speak it to others we are looking out for their investment, we need help providing that serves its called income. I raised my children with simple rules do not ever bully anyone stand up for the ones that are being bulled and never steel nobody like a thief they are relevant to my point. i preach this to my kids and yet here I am and all my co workers and all in my chosen industry
    all being bulled and getting robbed. WOW post this -don’t post it through pebbles make a small ripple erupting volcano the word knows about it. mapping out a repair is to our benefit it helps our efficacy’s being organized. we want paid to have a organized parts cart too , clean floor , its to our benefit to operate organized and effetely , it may separate us from the other guy down the road when your organized its a better environment .Strength of our estimate
    the Whiteness to beat them at their game is the game. Get paid for what we do ? provide the invoice you get paid , we have the power of the pen don’t put that under the microscope most can play this game very well, send your sheet writer on a course this is a shop issue not an industry problem or is it? paid for mapping out the repair writing sheets admin cost what scanning inv?. In a word without insurance work just customer pay is what i read above what you all would increase chare more as a service to the customer ? do we all not provide free estimates to anyone who stops by who wants repairs done out of pocket ? we want to slap them with fire hours admin fee to map out the repairs they are already paying for? or do we really want a fare honest hourly rate paid for ever hour we are billing so we can afford the staff to preform the repairs our customer is asking for . afford the ever changing required equipment to return the car to manufactures specs and make some money doing it. repair hours paint and materials hazardous waste witch has the most revenue the repair hours the refinish hours the rate of them hours is what’s going to allow you to operate and heavily dictate your profits .

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