Things are moving quickly. Here’s what is happening.

This group has made very positive headway in a short period of time. And this is just the beginning.


By Darryl Simmons

A lot has happened since this initiative first started. To provide initial direction and guidance an Advisory Board was created. Composed of twenty shop owners from across the country it includes independent shops, network affiliates and MSOs.

The first action item on the agenda was to pick a name. The group is now called the Canadian Council of Collision Repairers.  It was also decided that this group should, for the time being at least, only include shop owner/operators.

The group will be dedicated to representing repairers by identifying and prioritizing business concerns and issues, education and information sharing. Its goal is to provide a positive, inclusive and nurturing platform to develop the best course of action to provide positive solutions for issues concerning its members. The mandate and mission is still a work in progress and always open for discussion. The list of members, nor the Advisory Board, will not be made public. This will remain so until such time the group decides differently.

The next step is to have an open Zoom meeting open to all shop owners, managers and operators. There will be registration, but in the meeting there will an option to remain anonymous.. The CCRC will determine their needs and sharing their concerns about the industry in a safe and anonymous (If desired) environment.

CCCR is building quite the momentum and your involvement would be a big help. Your name was recommended by one of our advisory committee as someone with a passion for bettering collision repairers and a knowledge of how to accomplish that. The CCCR is in its infancy, but has already developed into a very promising solution to the needs and concerns of Canadian shop owners and operators.

CCCRs aim is not victory, but progress and respect. As such this will not be a quick and short-lived jaunt, but long and enduring, and fulfilling journey. There is no sense in creating a lot of noise, for noise sakes. But the goal is to have a strong and stable foundation and from that build respect and trust among business partners and the consumer driving public.

Joining this group is as simple as filling out a form on the website. The only requirement at this time is a desire for a repairer-only voice to further professionalism and credibility among the consumer driving public and all other key players in the industry.


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One thought on “Things are moving quickly. Here’s what is happening.”

  1. Thank you for spearheading this Huge project! We are an industry that has been stifled by insurance companies for far to long. Things HAVE to change. I’ll do what I can to help that change happen.
    Thanks again, Reid

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